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Since glasses were invented by an Italian glassblower in the late 13th century, they have played a significant role in keeping human valuable eyes healthy.

KOC Solution is a company that specializes in optical lens monomers. Since its foundation in 1999, KOC Solution has researched and developed optical lens monomers that are good for human eye health. Developing and commercializing the world's first high refractive index lens monomer based on acryl and also developing and marketing impact resistance lens monomer, super high refractive index lens monomer based on urethane and super high refractive index lens monomer based on episulfide, KOC Solution has grown into a world leading company with the best technology and product power.

We promise that KOC Solution will solidify its place as the world's optical lens monomer company through relentless research, development and quality improvement of products.

Thank you.

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